so I went out with my friend to get a drink tonight and something interesting happened. now before you go anon my sorry behind for drinking, hear me out.

I met this girl named Heather. when we met, she was pretty far along her way in inebriation but some people say you’re the most truthful when you’re drunk haha. she asked me about my shirt. I’m wearing a shirt I got working at a church camp that I go to every summer. and she got pretty excited because she had gone to a Young Life camp when she was in high school and she really liked it. so she went on telling about a billion stories from her church camp days in high school and I just sat there drinking a beer, nodding and smiling.

after awhile she asked me “when did you find God?” and ironically my answer was “at church camp”. she began to tell me about everything. how her sisters are all tall and thin and blonde and cheerleaders in high school. and how she was bullied because she wasn’t like her sisters. and people thought she was retarded because she had a LD and some guy rejected her asking to go Sadie Hawkins because “he didn’t want to go to a dance with a retard”. and how she got a huge car accident and had to get stitches down her neck.

she told me that one day when she was just driving and she just had enough. she pulled over and began weeping. and at that moment she asked God to take it all.

so many times we go to church and just like as long as we act like we have it together twice a week then that’s good enough and we can just ignore our brokenness the other five days. why do we feel the need to play make-believe every Sunday morning when you can just walk into a bar and find people that are broken right there.

how can we be afraid to go where Jesus went to love the same kind of people He loved?